Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing are not as simple as sending spam emails. We need to ensure that email is viewed by the user, priority contents are visible at a glance and increase effectiveness to turn emails into leads.

  • Optimize the email design
    • Content to reduce the think time and trigger to send an enquiry.
    • Attractive subject line so that read ratio can be improved.
    • Optimize the space as per priority of content e.g. logo
  • Encourage Access to message
    • Encourage people to add in your email id in their address-book
    • Depend upon text rather than image to convey the message.
  • Serve the customer
    • Send follow up emails to the responsive users.
    • Design inbuilt forms to collect contact coordinates to take the leads further.
  • Key Distinctions
    • The comprehensive analysis on the success rate / RoI of email campaigns.
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