Mobile Marketing

Now is the time for Mobile Marketing.Mobile marketing lets businesses get in front of customers on the devices they use the most : their smart phones and tablets.

Using text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS), push notifications, geolocation and other mobile technologies, mobile marketing lets businesses build strong relationship, spread awareness, quality customer care and other promotions to highly targeted customers.

By reaching out to customers on devices that they take everywhere they go, mobile marketing campaigns can work wonders.

So, Maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities by integrating & including mobile marketing as part of the marketing mix:

  • Mobile web advertising
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • Promotional Messages (SMS, MMS or Voice)
  • Acknowledgement with a thank you SMS, Greetings messages etc.
  • Mobile application advertising
  • Capture Leads (Missed Call, Automated campaigns etc)
  • Information-on-Demand
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